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About MoneyWeek

MoneyWeek Cover

MoneyWeek offers the very best economic analysis and investment insights from the sharpest minds in Britain. Every single week you can expect to find:

  • In-depth analysis of the biggest stories affecting the global economy and markets across the world, and what they mean for your money
  • Investment recommendations, covering everything from individual stock tips to brand new fund launches
  • Guides to making best use of your pension and annual Isa allowances, minimising your taxes, and achieving your long-term financial goals
  • Market tips and insight from respected investing experts like Merryn Somerset Webb, Charlie Morris, Bill Bonner, Tim Price and David C. Stevenson
  • Regular analysis of what’s happening to house prices, both in the UK and in property markets around the globe
  • Detailed briefings on the latest political and economic developments, breaking down the big issues and explaining what’s really at stake and how it could affect you


Try MoneyWeek magazine today and in addition to getting your first 6 issues you will also get:

  • Instant access to our latest free downloadable investment reports
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No matter your financial ambitions – whether you want to build your nest-egg, generate a second income, find interesting new corners of the market that you’ve never explored before, or simply to keep abreast of all the genuinely important financial and economic debates, rather than the superficial fluff that often passes for political conversation – you’ll find something in MoneyWeek.

For over 16 years, MoneyWeek’s aim has been to arm our readers with everything they need to make informed financial decisions. In the process, we’ve helped them to avoid disasters such as the 2008 financial crisis, and presented them with profitable opportunities as well. If you care about your long-term financial well-being, then we hope you’ll join us.