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The Week Junior makes an amazing gift for your child, grandchild, niece, nephew, or any smart, curious child in your life.

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What our readers' moms and dads say

parent 1
Lucia, New York

My eight year-old son eagerly reads each issue as soon as it arrives and considers it a weekly highlight. The breadth of topics covered is impressive and thoroughly engaging.

parent 3
Adam, California

When their copies arrive they race into the house and sit down and read the magazines from cover to cover, alerting their mother and I of amazing things that they've just discovered. You have a really wonderful and important product in this digital age.

parent 2
Erin, Massachusetts

This magazine has been instrumental in broadening my daughter’s perspective about the news and opening her eyes to what’s going on around the world.

parent 4
Paul, New York

I heard about The Week Junior from my sister and I immediately realized its great value in teaching my son about the world around us. It has a very balanced reporting style and it’s approachable for young readers.