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This month's issue

Here's what's in this month's issue of PC Pro magazine

Issue 323PC Pro 323 cover

  • WINDOWS NEWS OF THE MONTH: There’s no hiding from this one: Satya Nadella took to the stage on 24 June to announce the biggest changes to Windows for years.
  • MAGIC AI OF THE MONTH: Whilst we’re tempted to take a month off and let the GPT-3 “autoregressive language model” write all our words, we suspect that you might just notice. But it’s still impressive.
  • TECHNOLOGY OF THE MONTH: If there’s one thing crypto mining has proved, it’s that the skills of modern graphics cards aren’t limited to gaming.
  • THE LABS IN ONE NUMBER: We normally go big on numbers where we can, but this time we want to celebrate the number of cores found in all but one of the sub-£1,000 PCs on test. We really are spoiled for processing power these days, no matter what our budget.
  • REVIEW OF THE MONTH: Samsung Galaxy Book Pro. It's safe to say that Samsung is back in the laptop game. It withdrew from Europe in an enviably smooth manner back in 2014, but even at the time said it may not be forever. True to its word, the South Korean mega-company decided to test the appetite for its laptops in Britain and beyond with the sub-1kg Galaxy Book, but with the Galaxy Book Pro it’s going for the big time. We test the larger model this time around. Suffice it to say that we like what we see.
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