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This month's issue

Here's what's in this month's issue of PC Pro magazine

Issue 326PC Pro 326 cover

REVIEW OF THE MONTH: Windows 11: This is the operating system that wasn’t meant to be. “Windows 10 will be the last version of Windows,” to quote a Microsoft developer back in the glory days of 2015. And then the bombshell: actually, there would be a new version, it would be called Windows 11 and – wait for it – it would have a centralised taskbar! But let’s not be too flippant, for surely Microsoft has something special to show for an upgrade that has been six years in the making?

KEEPER OF THE MONTH: Our annual awards are more than just a showcase of the best products: they give a full breakdown for reliability, customer support and more across a dozen categories.

TECHIE FEATURE OF THE MONTH: Most people sail through life without knowing the intricacies of NTFS, but if you ever need to rescue lost files or help with backup systems, it pays to know what it does and how it works.

STARTUPS OF THE MONTH: Technology alone isn’t going to solve climate change, but innovative thinking from startups – such as the eight British companies featured from p126 – will surely have a role to play.

THE LABS IN ONE NUMBER: 29, that's how many monitors we've tested in this month's Labs, so if you'd like to upgrade your screen then the odds are excellent that one will be perfect for your needs.

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