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Reading gives kids a head start—for life

A love of reading is the best gift you can give a child. It boosts school success as well as confidence, concentration, comprehension, and communication. The Week Junior is designed to appeal to all children—even those who say they don’t like reading. It creates a genuine love of learning without ever feeling like homework.

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What parents love about The Week Junior                                 

  • Makes reading fun and exciting for kids
  • Safe and trusted source of information
  • Encourages kids to form their own opinions
  • Helps kids recognize honest news reporting
  • Gets families talking about current events, science, and more


Just for parents

Find smart, practical parenting advice and features at TheWeek.com.

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What our readers' moms and dads say

parent 1
Lucia, New York

My eight-year-old son eagerly reads each issue as soon as it arrives and considers it a weekly highlight. The breadth of topics and interests covered is impressive and thoroughly engaging.

parent 3
Adam, California

When the magazine arrives, my kids race into the house and read it from cover to cover, alerting their mother and me to amazing things they've just discovered. You have a really wonderful and important product in this digital age.

parent 2
Erin, Massachusetts

This magazine has been instrumental in broadening my daughter’s perspective about the news and opening her eyes to what’s going on around the world.

parent 4
Paul, New York

I heard about The Week Junior from my sister and I immediately realized its great value in teaching my son about the world around us. It has a very balanced reporting style and it’s approachable for young readers.