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Get kids reading,
spark their thinking

An upbeat walk through a week in our amazing world

The Week Junior feeds kids’ natural curiosity so they feel part of our exciting, fast-changing world. We give them the facts behind the news so they’ll learn a vital life skill—how to think for themselves. We’re the team behind The Week, America’s most trusted newsweekly—so you can be sure our stories are well chosen, age-appropriate, and ideal for  stimulating lively family discussions.

kids reading magazine

Give them an advantage, not more homework

The Week Junior makes learning fun. It’s colorful, bright, and easy to navigate—designed to invite even the most reluctant reader to pick it up and keep reading. Each 32-page issue is delivered with your child’s name on it, packed with news from the United States and around the world, plus animals, nature, sports, puzzles, and more. 

kids reading magazine

The editor says

Andrea Barbalich is a parenting expert with more than 20 years’ experience in publishing for children, families, and schools. Just as important, she’s a mother. “One of the happiest parts of being a mom is that feeling of watching my child curled up with something he’s reading, then amazing me with the facts he’s learned,” she says. “I want to give that feeling to other parents. I want children to think the world is amazing—but I want them to know they’re amazing, too.”


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